Moodle: Group activities and class interaction

Instructors can use Groups and Forums to set up collaborative Activities and facilitate asynchronous student communication. Moodle's Messaging system also provides built-in text chat functionality: individuals and groups can chat with each other in real time when everyone is online and post messages for offline recipients to reply to when they return. (Moodle users can also opt to receive posts via e-mail when offline.)


The Groups feature allows an instructor to assign students (and TAs or co-instructors) to one or more groups for the entire course or individual activities. Because students can be in multiple groups at once, instructors can set up different group memberships for different activities (e.g., using larger groups for forum discussions, and smaller groups for peer review activities).  In addition, groups of students can each be assigned separate activities. Groups can be used to set up lab sections, make project groups, or closely utilize features within Moodle activities (such as Campus Pack and OU tools).


Need a space for you and your students to have discussions? Would you like your students to reply to and comment on response questions? Need a Q & A to clarify lecture/reading/assignments? Forums are your best friend!


Need a space for students to collaborate privately? Everyone on Moodle can use Messaging to contact other Moodle users via real-time chat (if they are online) or message (if they are offline). Offline users are notified of Messages when they log in and can opt into receiving Messages via email. Students can contact their groups, other individuals, or you, privately through messaging.


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