Moodle: FAQs

This article provides answer to frequently asked questions about Moodle.

Course access

My instructor says that I am enrolled in their course but I cannot access it on Moodle. I found the course manually on Moodle but I could not enroll myself in this course. What should I do?

I realized I am not enrolled in the Moodle site for an Organization I am a part of, so I don’t have access to the materials which I need immediately. How can I solve this?

I am enrolled in a class at Swarthmore. How can I access the course’s Moodle page?

I am a Swarthmore student enrolled in a Bryn Mawr class and I am currently unable to view my course’s Moodle page. I have registered for the course through the Swarthmore and Bryn Mawr registrars. What should I do?


I recently changed my BMC password and have used it successfully to log in to my Bryn Mawr email and to BiONiC, but I have been locked out of Moodle since I changed my password. What can I do to get access to Moodle?

I cleared my cache but I still got an error message stating that my credentials are invalid when logging in Moodle. I have all my course information on Moodle and I really want to be able to access it now.

I will be soon returning to teach at Bryn Mawr so I would like to reactivate my account. My new contract will not officially renew until this fall but I am wondering if there’s a way for me to log in and begin working on my Moodle page for the fall?

How long will I be able to log in to Moodle after graduation?

How can I access Moodle after the 90-day period post-graduation? Is there a simple way to export all of my Moodle materials from my college years?

I can log in to Moodle using Google Chrome, but why doesn’t Internet Explorer let me in?

Add/Remove Participants

How do I add/remove students from my course? Can I do the same with Haverford students? Swarthmore? What do I do if I need to add a non-Tri-Co person to a course?

Who should I contact to if I need admin access to a Moodle Page (ex. SGA Moodle Page)?

I have a TA for a course that I am teaching. How can I give them access to the Moodle page for my course? What if I need them to have access to the Grades function?

Edit content

One of my students reported that they could not see all the materials on Moodle. What is causing this and how should I fix it?

Is there any way I can change the course name but still keep the original content?

I would like to move a part of my Moodle course to another part of the same course. What is the best way to do this efficiently?

How do I move the audio files from my old Moodle page to the current one?

How can I save or download content from a course I teach regularly so that I can upload it directly into Moodle the next time I offer the course? How can I transfer content from the right-hand column as well as the main sections of the site?

How do I add more “topic” sections to my Moodle course?

How can I see what my course page will look like to enrolled students?

Can I save quiz questions that I have used in previous years for the next time I teach?


How can I send messages to all students enrolled in my course through Moodle?

I have been sending general announcements to students in my course by using the News Forum on Moodle. However, some students are not receiving these emails. How can I ensure that students are receiving these messages?


I am unable to access to my email and Moodle at the moment. Is there a way I can gain access to the information of my enrolled courses without logging in to Moodle?

Are there instructions for how to set up quizzes and/or exams in Moodle?


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