Moodle: Accessibility block

The Accessibility Block allows you to customize the font size and color scheme of Moodle pages to better meet your accessibility needs. To learn about the features the Accessibility block offers, hover your cursor over the buttons for a pop-up label.

This image shows the Accessibility box as it appears on Moodle

  • Buttons in the top row increase and decrease the font size. If you change the font settings, the Reset Font Size button becomes active; click to reset to the site’s default font size.
  • Buttons in the bottom row change the color scheme to lower contrast or dark (high contrast) modes. If you change the color settings, the button to reset to the Default Color Scheme (black text on white background) becomes active.
  • If you want to keep the font size and color scheme changes you’ve made for the next time you open Moodle, click the Save Settings button.

Using the Launch ATbar

The Launch ATbar buttons opens an Assistive Technology toolbar developed by the Mada Center which includes additional style customization options and assistive technologies like a text-to-speech reader.

  • Click (Help and Instructions) on the right end of the toolbar for details on the different features.
  • By default the toolbar disappears when you open a new Moodle page, check the (always?) box next Launch ATbar to automatically relaunch it instead.
  • Note that any style and color change will be reset when the tool relaunches however; if you need them to persist consider downloading Mada’s Chrome browser extension, which can apply style settings persistently across all webpages you visit.


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